Hard Reset Your Device: Samsung, Apple, Oppo, Huawei [Step By Step]

This tutorial will show everything about Hard Reset, Factory Reset, and Soft Reset. If you have any confusion regarding reset, this article covers it all. Apart from the information, I have also covered step-by-step procedures to Hard Rest any android phone.

We have written a Hard Reset guide for almost every smartphone out there. You need to select your device model and follow the guide. This way, it will eventually help you get specific guides for a particular smartphone.

What is Hard Reset?

Periodically resetting an Android phone seems challenging and impossible while using the simplistic default method. Subsequently, today we’ve desired to make your upfront one more different procedure: you can Hard Reset your Android phone.

By the term hard, I’m not saying it’s about using external hardware, but you can use your only Smartphone, and Hard Reset your phone in the realm.

Now, what is Hard Reset? Fundamentally, the procedure of wiping data and factory reset Android phone opens from two different sides on your phone. You have seen and tried so many times and probably haven’t met the other, which is recovery mode. So inside the recovery mode of your phone, you get an option to factory reset, which is indirectly called Hard Reset.

Again, Hard Reset isn’t rocket science technology, and IMO, anyone using an Android phone can Hard Reset their device handily. All you need to comprehend is about the urge moment when you need to reset your phone hard –

When to Hard Reset?

Hard Reset isn’t quite an illegal or mysterious Android resetting process. In simple words, you can believe the working of this process, as it’s already in a part of your phone. So while getting an idea about when to reset an Android phone hard, you won’t need to be that stressed. You can hard reset your phone whenever you want, but mostly, people employ the Hard Reset way in the following situations –

  • If your phone isn’t getting switched on because of any interior or backend problem.
  • If your phone is stuck in a boot loop issue.
  • If you Forgot your Security Password.
  • If you have Forgotten Pattern Lock.
  • If the normal or default Factory Data Reset isn’t working for you.
  • If your phone is forced to shut down too often.
  • If you have Forgotten your phone Lock
  • If you want to try out once Hard resetting your Android phone.

Advantages of Hard Reset

  • Hard Reset is the cleanest process to reset an Android phone because there is no bloatware in the recovery menu.
  • The Hard Reset method takes no more than 5 minutes to reset the device, making it time-efficient too.
  • Even if your phone isn’t getting switched on, you can make a hard reset.
  • The Hard Reset process can be done without using any additional device like a PC or any software.
  • It’ll help you eliminate all the bugs and viruses from your phone.
  • This process also eliminates all the settings you’ve altered mistakenly and initializes the phone from the very initial stage.

Disadvantages of Hard Reset

  • The first and the most important thing is that it’ll make you lose all the data available on your phone. However, It can be said as a warning to create backup first, not an actual disadvantage.
  • The hard reset process sometimes seems complex to the newbies because you’ve to access the Recovery menu here.
  • Within your phone’s local storage data, Hard Reset would also clear all the contacts, messages, as well as the last wi-fi password you asked from your friend.

Select Your Phone Brand for Reset Methods

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Can data be recovered after a Hard reset?

The first and the most important thing to remember before a hard reset phone is that your data will get lost at all. Yeah, the absolute data! Our first suggestion would always be to create a complete backup of all your data, including your internal storage, contacts, messages, and call logs, before initializing the process.

As per the simple answer, no Brand support or Google account can recover your data after a Hard Reset if you haven’t created a backup before to any storage drive or cloud drive.

Can data be recovered after a factory reset?

We can now say the Hard Reset is Factory Reset because both are known for the same results, but with different procedures. Consequently, your data will get entirely deleted even if you’re doing a factory reset or a hard reset.

So it would be best if you’ve created the entire data backup before using any method from the above two – Factory Reset and Hard Reset. You are the only one responsible for your data, so please create a complete backup before doing these things.

What’s the difference between factory reset and hard reset?

Hard Reset and Factory Reset both will lead you to the very same results, but still, these processes include some differences, including below list –

  • Hard Reset needs you to open the recovery mode to perform Factory Reset within the default soft interface.
  • Hard Reset is a little more complex than Factory Reset for beginners.
  • Hard Reset is time-efficient, as there are no longer steps than Factory Reset.
  • Lastly, both procedures need a complete data backup before resetting.

What is the difference between Wipe data and factory reset?

Likewise, we found the difference between the hard reset and the factory reset, and we hardly found some of them; Wipe Data and Factory Reset also contain almost no differences. You can call Wipe Data and Factory reset the subdomains of Hard Reset and Factory Reset procedures, respectively.

Wipe Data and Factory Reset are just the basic operations where your entire data would get wiped or cleared in each of them. The difference is just that these are two terms in two different procedures.

Commonly Asked Questions

What does a soft reset do?

After reading the above guide thoroughly, you know best about the Hard Reset and Factory Data Reset, but this thing here called Soft Reset is entirely different. A soft reset can be called a simple reboot, as it’s nothing more than that. A soft reset will just restart or reboot your Android phone, and it’s known best for clearing the RAM eating processes.

Is hard reset good or factory reset?

No one can find the best process between Hard Reset and Factory Reset because they led to the same results. However, we can define it with different parameters. If you’re a techie and want to reset your phone time-efficiently, Hard Reset would be the best procedure for you. Or if you’re a beginner and wanna go for an easy method, Factory Reset is best for you.

Will a hard reset will erase everything?

Undoubtedly, the answer is Yes! Hard Reset would clear the entire data available on your Android device, including all your photos, videos, contacts, messages, wi-fi passwords, as well as altered settings. So this would be our most prior advice to create a complete backup of all your data before hard resetting your Android phone.

Is hard reset safe?

The behind-sided recovery mode sometimes creates a doubt in smartphone users’ minds that Hard Reset is unsafe. But mark my words, there is no safe resetting method to reset Android phones, apart from Hard Reset. It’s the most straightforward, legal, and secure method to clear all the unwanted data from your phone and restart it initially.

Does a hard reset erase anything?

Yes, Hard Reset supplies the same results as that of Factory Reset. So your data will lose entirely if you’re hard resetting the phone. Please choose any backup protocol first and make the complete backup of your data to get secured from future data loss.

Does hard reset remove viruses?

Resetting procedures include the privilege to remove all the laggy viruses, bugs, and unwanted files from your Android phone. And Yes, Hard Reset also eliminates viruses from your phone, as it clears the entire content, including viruses, to offer you the very new or initial rendition to your Smartphone.

Does a factory reset delete an SD card?

It’s again the most common doubt fed in the minds of techies, calling that Factory Data Reset process to delete SD Card data. Let me solve it—None of your data is going to lose from your SD Card if you’re using whichever resetting procedure you want, either hard reset, factory reset, or soft reset. You can backup your data in SD Card and save all that data without even removing it while resetting the phone.

Will resetting the phone remove hackers?

If you feel that your phone contains actual bugs and viruses and anonymous hackers are hacking your data, resetting is the best procedure indeed. Basically, the resetting process clears all the bugs and phishing viruses from your phone, including all your data, settings, bookmarks, and cookies to make your phone safe from those hackers.

Does a factory reset delete everything?

Yeah, the Factory Reset process would delete everything from your phone, whether it’s a picture you captured on your last trip or that message you got from your friend a long time ago. Consequently, the most demanded prerequisite before resetting your Android phone is creating the complete backup of your data to access it in the future.

Is factory reset good?

Factory Reset is the best procedure for eliminating viruses and all the shunned files from your Android phone. It’s because there are no unlawfulness or root privileges you’re getting with the reset process. It’s a simple procedure developed by your Smartphone’s brand manufacturers, helping you clear all the files and initializing the device from the very first stage.

What are the disadvantages of factory reset?

There isn’t a list of disadvantages if you’re going for the factory reset procedure. The only drawback here is that you’re going to lose all your data after factory resetting the phone, where you need to create a complete backup first. However, it again can’t be said as a disadvantage because it’s just a warning within the Factory Reset method.

Does a factory reset delete contacts?

Yeah, If you’re factory resetting your Smartphone, you’re going to lose all your contacts as this process stands for the complete data clearance. Don’t worry about that, because you’ve three methods to backup your contacts, including the first to cloud save it on Google Account, second to export these contacts to local storage, or lastly you can also transfer your phone contacts to SIM.

Does factory reset affect SIM?

Surely not! Factory Reset is a process that only stands for your phone or the device you’re resetting right now, including no external devices, network chips, or storage carriers connected with it. Indeed, you won’t have to worry about your SIM card or SD card, as all the data and network would be safe there, even after resetting your Android phone.

What should I do before resetting my phone?

Before resetting your Android phone, you need to take care of the three most essential prerequisites, listed below –
1. Firstly, create a complete backup of the entire data available on your phone, including contacts, messages, and local storage too.
2. After that, charge your phone at least 40%.
3. Lastly, unlink all the Google accounts linked with your phone if you don’t recognize their ID and password.

Can a SIM card be erased?

If you’re asking for the SIM Card to be erased after resetting the phone, then the answer would be “NO.” If you’re resetting your phone, none of the contacts or data from your SIM will get deleted or erased. After rebooting your phone from that RESET completion, you would get those contact data back stored in the exact SIM.

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